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Historic Materials


There are many earth and timber framed buildings across the UK and beyond. Our experience is based on both large and small projects working with all types of  natural building materials. We have many examples of contracts where we have had to remove concrete renders, tar and synthetic paints that have caused buildings to become damp and caused building materials to fail, before we can repair or renovate.


 Where possible we recycle existing old materials, such as daub and timber beams. New materials are produced using ancient methods to ensure that they complement the building's history and establish a breathable structure in tune with the environment and preserving the story that the building tells.

Whilst we use natural building materials, we also strive to make effective use of human resources and modern equipment. We can therefore render or plaster internal and external walls in lime or lime mixes quickly and efficiently using a state of the art rendering pump.

Our MD and consultant Malcolm Carrington, is able to investigate your property or one you are considering purchasing, and provide professional advice.  Or, he and our staff will assess your property and deliver a professional service of repair or renovation.

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